Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

Vampires Baby Vampires. Are you over Anne Rice? Are you tired of romance novels where the only decent human being a girl can find to date is a vampire? Are you sick of movies that put the sucker in bloodsucker? Then go see 30 Days of Night. No Byronic whiners here; the bad guys are evil incarnate, and they're all Russkis, some of them with gang tattoos. If this movie had been made 60 years ago, critics would have called it a Cold War allegory. The operative world being cold. Creepy, scary, and much better than the comic book it's based on.

Gone Baby Gone. Good really good. Could have been better (during which rewrite did "Angie Gennaro's character" become "Patrick Kenzie's appendage?") but the moral dilemma of the book is intact, even if compressing the convoluted plot into two hours results in a final 20 minutes that make your head spin. If you've read the book, you won't be disappointed. If you haven't read the book, this'll make you want to. And if you've never been to Dahchestah, this is just as good as going there.

Sox Baby Sox. Okay -- Matsuzaka only gave up 2 runs, not 4, and Ortiz' "little guys" didn't start jumping until my nails were bitten down to the second knuckle, but you know the Fates are on your side when infield singles take weird hops, umpires call opposing baserunners out when replays show they were safe, and opposing third-base coaches make inexplicable errors in judgment with the game on the line. The question now is: which team are the Fates going to be french-kissing for the next two weeks?

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