Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Joy In Mudville

In the old days, when Red Sox pitchers gave up four runs a game, you could count on the 8th and 9th place hitters to score like six runs apiece, never mind the power hitters whacking the ball into whatever parking lot sits outside whatever stadium they're in.

Now? Now you yell at the TV screen "Swing at the first pitch strike, you morons!" and go to bed with your left knee throbbing because you sprained it pacing up and down your living room floor.

I remember when the Celtics were going up against the Lakers in the '85 finals and totally blew them out of Game 1, I mean laughably blew them out of Game 1, so much so that the game became known as the Memorial Day Massacre. Who ended up winning the series? LA, four games to two. During which I just sat there in front of the TV wondering, "Hey--what happened to that Game 1 team, huh?"

Same thing here. But it's not the Game 1 Red Sox that are nowhere to be found. It's the Game 1 Indians. Like good teams do, they learned from their loss and got better.

Which means, unless the Sox can do the same thing, we're looking at a Cleveland/Colorado World Series.

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