Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Update

Coney Island Film Festival. My friend Kathleen's sister had a great little short film called Little Pink Medicine in Sunday's 2 PM program, so I spent a day at the beach, an hour on the wooden bleacher seats of the Sideshow building, and $30 on an Italian meal at Gargiulo's.

Count Dracula (BBC Version with Louis Jourdan, 1977) and Masada (Peter O’Toole and Peter Strauss, 1981). Just as good as I remember them.

Toad Hall. One more? One more. How about one more? Oh sure, why not. Look it’s Gail behind the bar!--let’s stay for one more. What the hey, one more. You wanna do another one? Do I want to or will I? Well okay then. How about one more? You’re gonna have one more, right? You know, we really have to leave soon. How about one more?

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