Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Update

Classic Rock. Nothing like listening to great rock 'n' roll in a storied Village venue, but it's an added pleasure when the performer is Bernie Shanahan and the crowd is filled with Cedar regulars and staff, some of whom I haven't seen in almost exactly a year. Visit Bernie's home page; you won't be disappointed.

Influential, adj. You know you're dealing with a true visionary when it's impossible to see the world without looking through his or her eyeglasses. As far as the 20th Century goes, we see it through Freud's monocle, Kafka's bifocals, or Einstein's telescope. But the 21st Century? We see that through the Panavision lens that shot this film:

It's playing at the Ziegfeld through Thursday. Go see it; you won't be disappointed.

West and Wewaxation at wast. Ava is flying back to Oz today, which means I can finally catch up on all the sleep I lost this past week trying to keep up with her. The brain cells however are lost forever. See you at Chwistmas, you scwewy wabbit.

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Bernie said...

hey Matt, thanks for the pic and words, much appreciated. also loved your Rules of Writing post, it's exactly on the money...