Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eloi and Morlocks

So I was watching The Time Machine on Turner Classic Movies last week (not so much because I wanted to, but because it was on), and I got to thinking: aren't we the Eloi already? Y'know, except for the totally blonde white Aryan thing. Aren't we already being bred and controlled and fed and clothed by creatures of darkness?

Let's see. The Eloi laze around all day doing nothing (well, okay, we have day jobs, but our dream is to laze around and do nothing, right?); they all look 25 tops (the reality of the rich and the dream of the poor); their food magically appears (cough) grocery store (cough); they don't know the first thing about farming or sewing or how to survive on their own (I'm raising my hand on this one, how about you?); books have fallen to dust in libraries (well duh); and when they want to find out about their history, they can listen to spinning rings (CD's anyone?). But nobody cares about history, so nobody listens to them.

Oh yeah--and when one of them is drowning, the rest of civilization as we know it just lies on the beach catching rays. The only things missing in that picture are laptops and iPods.

So if we're the Eloi, who are the Morlocks?

We are so totally screwed.

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