Thursday, October 11, 2007

He Vas My Badlands Boyfriend

You know what makes this city great? Friends. Just like the people you work with are the ones who make your job bearable, the people you walk beside as you maneuver your way through the 50-page Greek Diner Menu of opportunity that is New York are the ones who make living here special.

Two of them made me feel like (y'know) a New Yorker Tuesday. And I don't care how long you've lived here; most of the time you feel like there's so much going on that you'll never be able to grab it all, never mind one or two pieces of it. But then there are those moments when you get to do something that makes you say to yourself, "Now that was a New York thing to do," and you feel connected like you never did before to the heart of this city.

That was Tuesday afternoon and evening for me. My friend Rob had an extra ticket to the invitation-only dress rehearsal of Young Frankenstein; and my friend Bill knew someone with an extra ticket to the Springsteen concert at Continental Arena. Thanks to them, my dreams last night were a wild mash-up of Puttin' On The Ritz and Candy's Room.

Thanks, guys. You rock and/or roll.

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