Monday, December 14, 2015

You Trashed My Christmas - The 2015 Christmas Compilation

It's becoming a Christmas tradition for people to say "It sure don't feel like Christmas;" but this year, when the current weather in Manhattan feels like it was shipped here via time machine from Memorial Day, and the only white stuff for miles is the blizzard of dandruff blowing off of Donald Trump's hairjob, it's even more of a disconnect to match my inner clock to the calendar date. 

Which is probably why the first stab at this year's Christmas Compilation felt like Music To Nap By. Not that naps aren't a bad thing (except when you take them alone); it's just that when it feels like June outside and the sun still dips below the horizon around 4PM, your brain either short-circuits or shuts downor both—which means you need an even bigger kick in the musical drawers to get up and party.

So (three versions later) here it is, this year's mix of all-girl goodies, back-of-the-garage boppers, and blues-heavy rockers, in two zip files. Shout-out to Venice Beach Barry with Track 23: Steph, Shannon, Megan and Leesa with Track 11; everybody watching The Flash with Track 1 (Gorilla City on Earth 2!); and everybody in Oz with the Bonus Track.

I wish you all the best of the season. Merry Happy, everybody.

1   Caitlin Snow Explains Christmas – Danielle Penabaker
2   You Trashed My Christmas – The Primitives
3   Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me – The Love Me Nots
4   Run Run Rudolph – The Dollyrots
5   Santa’s Got A GTO – Ramonas
6   Rockin’ In My Stockin’ – Grub Dog Mitchell
7   Don’t Mess With My Tequila – Backstreet Girls
8   Check it Out Santa – Snooky Pryor
9   It’s Bad To Have The Blues At Christmas – Charlie Daniels
10 Christmas Blues – Canned Heat
11 Mystic Snowman –Lez Zeppelin
12 Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies – The Fedora Club
13 Baby, It's Cold Outside - Louis Armstrong & Velma Middleton
14 The Ghost of Christmas Past – Deidre & The Dark
15 Christmas Sweater – Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act & Willam
16 From Head To Mistletoe – Courtney Act
17 Mistletoe – Colbie Caillat
18 Mistletoe On Death Row – Dale Watson
19 The Heartache Can Wait – Brandi Carlile
20 Christmas In the City (Remix) – Elizabeth Chan
21 Christmas In New York – The Ellas
22 Hanukkah In The Village – Rachael Sage
23 Christmas in LA – Haley Deakers
24 Trim Your Tree – John Verity Band
25 Light My Tree – Ashley Davis & John Doyle
26 Happy Holiday Y’all – Robert Earl Keen
27 Dirt Sledding – The Killers
28 Alone On Christmas Day – Phoenix
29 I’m Gonna Be Warm This Winter – Kylie Minogue
30 Cold Cold Winter – The Pixies Three
31 Yabba Dabba Yuletide – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
32 There’s Trouble Brewin’ – Jack Scott
33 Xmas Record Hop – Black Knights
34 Christmas Is Knockin’ At Your Door – Rockabilly Boogie Band
35 Sleigh Bell Rock – Three Aces And A Joker
36 Up On The Housetop – Reba McEntire
37 Too Fat For The Chimney – Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier
38 Fat Santa – Fruteland Jackson
39 Doing The Santa Claus – Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns
40 Because I’m Santa – The Dollyrots
41 Bonus Track

You Trashed My Christmas Part 1

You Trashed My Christmas Part 2

No Single Victory

for Warren Ellis

                           Lots of small victories is better than one big one.
                           No single victory changes everything. Lots of little 
                           ones change a whole spread of things.
                                                  —Warren Ellis

No single victory changes the world.
   Victories are like snowflakes—each one’s part
Of a great blizzard, flake after flake hurled
   Against grief and loss, like a lonely dart.
It may feel pointless, like fighting the tide.
   It’s not. No single victory will fail
To tip the scales a little to the side
   You fight for. Each one is a precious nail
In Failure’s coffin, or a tiny knife
   That scrapes against the comfortable chain
That our kind jailers like to call “real life”—
   That keeps them safe by keeping us from pain.
      And if we choose to fight until we’re free,
      That outcome takes no single victory. 


Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells