Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Darkest Manhattan

Traffic cop, 14th Street and 2nd Ave

East 11th Street looking west from 2nd Ave:

St Mark's Place:

"Keep a light burning in the window; I'm walking up to 29th Street to get milk."

East 6th Street:

East 4th Street:

Wine Bar.  I stopped for a glass of Malbec there (okay--two glasses); sadly, without my usual Wine Bar companion.

2nd Ave and East 3rd looking south:

East 3rd Street:

East Houston looking south from 2nd Ave:

The Bowery looking north from 2nd Ave:

Mott Street looking south:

Lafayette Street looking north from East Houston:

"Keep a light on in the window for me; I'm walking to 34th Street to get toilet paper." 

Broadway looking north from Houston:

Bond Street.  Judging by the lack of activity, this would be the George Lazenby Bond.

Great Jones Street:

Bleecker and Broadway.  Only NYU and the Stock Exchange have lights below 23rd Street.  (Hmm . . . .)

Washington Square Arch:

MacDougal Street:  

6th Ave looking north from Waverly Place:

6th Ave looking south from Waverly Place.  Here there be dragons.

And when you come right down to it, we all know who to blame this disaster on.  Don't we, Loki?

On the plus side? Manhattan buses are all back to normal:

And yes--after three days of no hot water, we all look this fucking good:

Out but not down

42nd and Broadway: as if it's just "this station" . . .

Traffic cop, corner of 22nd and 3rd:

Chrysler Building:

Empire State Building:

28th and Broadway, looking east:

27th and Broadway, looking east:

26th and Broadway, looking east:

Madison Square Park:

The Flatiron Building:

Broadway and 23rd looking south:

3rd Avenue looking north:

Checking in on 4Square:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy, the Hudson is rising around us . . .

10/29/12--Before the storm

 Empire State Building, 6AM:

Pete's Tavern, recycling Irene:

Fallen leaves on 18th Street:

10/29/12--After the blackout:

Hospital for Joint Diseases:

Third Ave looking north from 18th:

Irving Place looking north from 18th:

Park Ave South looking south from 18th:

The W Hotel, 17th and Union Square:

Falafel cart, Broadway and 17th:

Park Ave South, looking north from 17th St:

Broadway looking north from 17th:

Chrysler Building:

Second Ave looking north from 18th:


Waiting in line for coffee:

Park Ave South and 21st:

30th and Broadway:

Live from Times Square:

Mickey Mouse hurricane:

Those stocks are worthless, I tell you--worthless!