Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy, the Hudson is rising around us . . .

10/29/12--Before the storm

 Empire State Building, 6AM:

Pete's Tavern, recycling Irene:

Fallen leaves on 18th Street:

10/29/12--After the blackout:

Hospital for Joint Diseases:

Third Ave looking north from 18th:

Irving Place looking north from 18th:

Park Ave South looking south from 18th:

The W Hotel, 17th and Union Square:

Falafel cart, Broadway and 17th:

Park Ave South, looking north from 17th St:

Broadway looking north from 17th:

Chrysler Building:

Second Ave looking north from 18th:


Waiting in line for coffee:

Park Ave South and 21st:

30th and Broadway:

Live from Times Square:

Mickey Mouse hurricane:

Those stocks are worthless, I tell you--worthless!


Molly said...

Yup, that about sizes it up.

amanda said...

this is the first major incident I've not been in NY for since the late 90's. Oddly, I feel like I've abandoned you guys. Like it's not fair that DC didn't get hit as hard. weird, right?