Wednesday, April 20, 2011

step on a crack

See the daughter build a bed
Long enough for father's legs
Mother hovers overhead
Keeping track of wasted eggs

Here where hope and faith have died
Hear the redlight of the mind
Fear the face you have to hide
And the face you hide behind

Mother digging for a weakness
Hopes to empty daughter's well
Father hungry for uniqueness
Shuns the meat and eats the shell

Here the broken never mends
Here they love the feel of friction
And their touch is more than friend's
Making each support addiction

Mother says the lightning's grim
Brother loves the smell of danger
Daughter needs a loving him
Father strokes a willing stranger

See the ugliness inside
Overwhelm the outer beauty
When destroying mother's pride
Is a girl's delightful duty

When the eyes behind the stare
Promise ice, beware of fire
When the past is everywhere
Only scars can feel desire

When the ancient urge to breed
And the ancient wound conspire
And the thing that makes you bleed
Soothes you with a dead desire

Burn away the wasted seed
Whisper softly the unspoken
Learn to be the thing you need
And your back will be unbroken

Copyright 2011 Mathew J Wells

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