Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nymph, on the horizon beyond my sins, remember

Nymph, on the horizon beyond my sins,
remember this poor fool with a fool's gold
god for a patron; this self-professed slave
to passion who is frozen in his ways;
one who loves thunder and yet runs from lightning --
a man who fears his destiny is loss,
yet revels in that fear the way another
leaps for joy at winning against the odds.
Do not forget that, for one brilliant day
in the world's life, we held each other soul
against soul; and when we would put our ears
up to each other's hearts, we would always
hear a deep ocean of undying love.
And if someday we feel ourselves at sea,
let us look back at what we shared, as ships
look back at lighthouses, which beckon and
farewell at once, telling us where we were
and where we should not go. Remember that
more than the reefs and shoals we raced against,
and we will never fail to chart a course
to some new land beneath uncommon stars.

Copyright 2011 Matthew J Wells

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