Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shakespeare 101

All inland countries have a sea-coast harbor.
  All cities have a forest close at hand.
The banished will find kingdoms in an arbor,
  The shipwrecked reunite on foreign sand.
Folly is barnacled to sway and power.
  Wisdom will nest in fools and fly alone.
Rulers are crowned and fall in half an hour.
  The lost are found when no man is his own.
True love means you can both ad-lib a sonnet.
  The doomed will kill or kiss the thing they hate.
When there’s a river, men will Rubicon it.
  The innocent will mortify the great.
     Creation kneels to daughters, births and laughter.
     Why?  All will be explained to you hereafter.

Copyright 2011 Matthew J Wells

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