Friday, February 27, 2009

28 Poems - 27

Aphorisms and Observations

Never confuse a woman’s desire for conversation with a woman’s desire.

When you finally decide to go, Life sends you a reason to stay.

Nothing gets answers better than dead silence.

There are three hells in life –- the one you fear, the one you yearn for, and the one you’re in.

The only thing we can understand about the universe is the understandable part.

The world defines success not by how deep the well is but by how much you can get for the water.

Poverty is only virtuous in Frank Capra movies.

International diplomacy: living proof that travel does not broaden the mind.

There are only two jobs where you can always get a laugh no matter how lousy your jokes are: dictator and CEO.

Nothing ruins desire like availability.

It’s easier to become what we fear than what we admire.

There are no promises in life -- just vows that have not yet been broken, and lies that have yet to be found out.

Hate is the continuation of Love by other means.

There is nothing wrong with anyone’s life that five funerals can’t cure.

Rehab is the aspirin of the rich and famous.

The mountain that blocks your way is the one you create as you climb.

If you can’t fly, then fall gracefully.

All certainty is homicidal.

Torture doesn’t reveal the truth -- it confirms a belief.

Poetry: a verbal engine designed to communicate something that cannot be put into words.

Never throw the cake away just because you can’t have one piece of it.

The more success you have dealing with failure, the harder it is to deal with success.

Tidiness is the goal of dictators.

No matter how deep the ocean, it is only the shallows that are bottomless.

Genius makes it look easy; mediocrity makes it look hard.

You're either the one they talk about, or the one they talk to.

Chaos is a rabble of truths; order is a regiment of lies.

My heart is a jail; emotions are the criminals who escape.

copyright 2009 Matthew J Wells

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