Saturday, February 21, 2009

28 Poems - 21


You’re on a date, you try to please --
You give his hand a little squeeze;
You flash a smile, but all he sees
Is desperation.

You do your best to ring her bells;
Your aim’s as good as William Tell’s --
You wear cologne, but all she smells
Is desperation.

You speak your peace; she hears a whine.
Your compliments sound like a line.
You make a date; he never calls.
You hit the gas; your engine stalls.

You wade into the dating pool;
You think you’re so mature and cool,
But you’re all wet; you’re just the fool
Of desperation.

You’re like a flower in a drought:
Each drip you see’s a waterspout.
What you call thirst is all about
The desperation.

You’re writing love, he’s reading need;
You buy a rose, she sees a weed;
You offer gifts, he sees the strings --
And that’s when the fat lady sings.

When everyone looks ripe to wed
And total strangers strike you dead,
Roll over and go back to bed:
It’s desperation.

When friends you knew ten years ago
Look kissable as mistletoe
Or hot as Marilyn Monroe --
That’s desperation.

You look around and all you see
Are those with the capacity
To look at you romantically,
And so you chase them frantically.

So when the world is chock full of
Potential happiness and love,
Odds are you’re in the iron glove
Of desperation.

And what you do’s why you’re undone --
The ones you try to hug will run,
‘Cause all they see’s the loaded gun
Of desperation.

Take up guitar and sing the blues;
Put on your specs and read the clues --
Your perfect mate will never choose
To dream of you until you lose
Your desperation.

Copyright 2009 Matthew J Wells

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