Thursday, February 26, 2009

28 Poems - 26

Nature Of Evil

The Hitler inside me has a list
Of people he wants to kill.
The world would be much better off
If they were all under a hill.
I swear to God they deserve it.
They all should be shot on sight.
The Hitler inside me says it’s true
And he is always right.

The Hitler in me says our country
Won’t take this lying down.
We will not look like a pushover.
We’re not going to play the clown.
We’ll do what we must to honor the flag
And see this trial through.
The Hitler inside me knows we have been wronged
And the one inside you does too.

The Hitler inside me says morals are lax
And our future is on the line.
Permissiveness is not freedom;
Acceptance is never benign.
There are words that should never be spoken.
There are things that must never be seen.
The Hitler inside me says everything’s black and white
With no in-between.

The Hitler inside me says somebody else
Is the cause of the fix we’re in.
It’s all because of the God they adore
Or the color of their skin.
They’re different from normal people --
Just look at the way they act.
The Hitler inside me says they must be treated like germs
And that’s a fact.

The Jesus inside me says normal's a lie
So we need to stop and think.
Forgiveness is not a special case --
It’s the cup we all must drink.
Since mortal souls are all the same
In the eyes of the One above,
The Jesus inside me says we must look
At each other with eyes of love.

The Hitler inside me has had it with all
These so-called “freedoms” today.
This talk about “rights” is just people whining
Because they aren’t getting their way.
The good people aren’t complaining,
But all of the bad cry “Give!”
The Hitler inside me says every last one
Should be lucky we let them live.

The Jesus inside me says mercy
Is greater than order and law.
Your words or your deeds must never be judged
By the color of your jaw.
It’s not about crime and punishment;
It’s not about Heaven or Hell.
The Jesus inside me says when we hurt others,
It makes us bleed as well.

The Hitler inside me says, “Jesus is wrong --
You need to be strong, not weak.”
The Jesus inside me says, “Let him talk,”
And turns the other cheek.
The Hitler in me has a Luger.
Jesus will see it and sigh.
Then Hitler will smile and shoot him
And Jesus will gladly die.

The Hitler inside me will smile and say, “See?
The power of love is weak.
The strong will inherit the kingdom.
The grave will inherit the meek.”
So the Hitler in me will surround me
Till there’s nowhere else to go.
And the Hitler in me will love me
Till I whisper like Jesus: “No.”

copyright 2009 Matthew J Wells