Tuesday, February 24, 2009

28 Poems - 24

In This Life, When I Look At You

In this life, when I look at you, I see
The might-have-beens, and not the moments we
Have shared together. All we never said
Plays back in stereo inside my head;
And all we never did is what I wish
We could do now, like those who catch a fish
Think of the one that got away. With you,
It’s like what passion is the one that’s true --
The one I feel for what we have? The one
I feel for what will never be? The son
We’ll never raise? The house we’ll never buy?
The depths unshared? The heights we’ll never fly?
I know -- this is all me -- not you. There can
Be nothing more for us in this life than
What you desire; and your desire is set
On men you cannot have or never get --
Men who are always lesser than they seem,
Not those who think the world of you, and dream.
Ah well. You must not throw the cake away
Because one piece is missing, so I say
I’ll be whatever keeps me in your heart
And never let the what-if be a part
Of anything we do. No fancies of
Maybe; just here and now. And that is love.

copyright 2009 Matthew J Wells

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