Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Brain. Hurts. Can't. Think. Thanks to an all-day headache on Saturday, I didn't see the movie I wanted to see, or write the pages I wanted to complete, or go to the birthday party I wanted to attend. Which is why I spent Sunday trying to do twice as much and barely getting any of it done. And all that undone stuff is giving me another headache.

Duh. You think we're not in the middle of a recession when crap like this happens? My God--$270 million is only a little bit more than the price of an apartment on the Upper East Side.

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Missy said...

The sale reminds me of when Sir Richard Branson offered a cheque for $AU1.00 (yes, a dollar) to Ansett (2nd largest Australian Airline) when they were going under. Cheeky bugger.

I could accept $2 per share/$270 Mil for a failing business, but for the price to include a *skyscraper*..? Something is just not right there....