Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Update

Why isn't this movie out yet?!?

Still from "My Name Is Bruce"

My Inner 8-Year-Old is Very Happy.

Set in 1959/1960 (when I was actually 8), this is not just a great adaptation of a great comic, but a great piece of animation on its own. And if you want chills, then hearing excerpts from Kennedy's New Frontier speech at the end is positively cryogenic.

Sirk de Soleil. My cousin John has this fascination for Douglas Sirk (cough) understatement of the century (cough), and he's channelled this jones into a play that takes the mighty oaks of Joe Orton and Charles Busch and whittles them down into a swizzle stick that could have stirred a gimlet in North Beach circa the year Written on the Wind came out. Stylized, goofy, campy, clever, knowing and dumb (and usually at the same time), it's still about two you-must-kill-your-darlings monologues too long for its own good. But hey--it's a work-in-progress. It'll get done again at some point. And when it does, check it out.

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