Friday, March 7, 2008

Echo Lake

Brothers doing the boy thing.
Dreaming of drowning, dreaming of flying.

Angels doing the watching thing.
Reliving the future, brooding over the past.

Twining and turning like twins in the womb.
Playing and fighting; teasing, competing.

Nothing is certain, everything’s sure.
Word builds to silence, silence to word.

The show is running till March 16th at the Arclight Theatre at 152 West 71st Street. Go see it.

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Molly Lyons said...

I couldn't agree more especially with the "go see it" comment! I think I wrote to our colleagues, the following:

It is utterly innovative yet simple and the relationships utterly recognizable yet mysterious. I laughed a lot, I cried and, even harder for productions to accomplish, I gasped several times.

So great to finally meet you.