Friday, August 17, 2007

The only people for me are the mad ones

The last time I read On The Road was 25 years ago, right after I moved to New York, which was for me the equivalent of a road trip to destiny.

Like all road trips, it's involved rest stops and exits I never anticipated. And as for destiny, well, one thing I've learned since those days is that motion is not movement. Movement, like a road trip, depends in equal parts on the machine you're driving, the amount of gas you have in your tank, the direction you're headed, and the traffic on the road.

So far this summer it's been like a long sojourn in the break-down-lane waiting for someone to fix my engine, fill up my tires, or (failing that) tow me to a garage. I definitely need a jump start. So: starting next week, I will be re-reading On The Road. And (what the hell) blogging about it.

Since I'm heading to Virginia to see an old friend, what better book to read, right?

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