Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 02:59 CD Release Concerts: Banjo Jim's - 8PM, 8/8/07

Banjo Jim's is a tiny little bar that feels so intimate that I don’t take too many pictures because I feel like it would destroy the atmosphere. I also figure that the boys will be using this night as a performance/dress rehearsal, and who wants to have pictures taken during a rehearsal?

They play for about an hour, starting around 8:30 and playing till just before 10. It does feel like a rehearsal; when one sings and plays, you can see the other two listening and taking it in.

Occasionally Mike plays harmonica behind Matt, and Matt plays behind Chris. The minute Chris opens his mouth, it gets so quiet you can hear your cells divide. During one of the tuning sections, Chris tells a joke that gets a flat response, and follows it by saying, “This song is better than that joke,” which will become a running gag for the next week.

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