Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The 02:59 CD Release Concerts: The Living Room - 8PM, 8/13/07

Chris Denny plays with Matt Mays at an 8 PM show. The way I understand it, Matt was originally going to be called up to sit in on a few songs in the middle of the set, but ends up playing along for the whole show.

Instead of a hat (he loves him his hats) Matt is wearing rock star sunglasses which you can barely see beneath his forelock. He plays along subtly and evocatively, singing backup now and then, and taking solos whenever Chris says in a low voice, "Take it, Matt," or "All yours, Matt."

Matt also gets the biggest laugh of the night during a tune-up. "If anyone out there believes in telekinesis," he says, "please raise my hand."

It's a great show. But I have a hard time concentrating because Chris looks so much like Robert Iler as sixth-season AJ Soprano that it's totally freaking me out:

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Shelley said...

I just wanted to thank you for these posts--I'm a big fan of Matt May (I'm from Halifax) and have just been introduced to Christopher Denny. This series sounds like tremendous fun and it's really great of you to share with us losers who couldn't make it!