Thursday, August 16, 2007

The 02:59 CD Release Concerts, or, Why I Have No Brain Today

So, after sending out an e-mail that totally confused Merv Griffin with Mike Douglas, among other things, I am forced to contemplate the fact that approximately 24 hours of sleep in the last 8 days is about one more sleepless night away from turning into a Native American Vision Quest. (My new Indian name: Walks Without Sleep.)

And who is responsible for this? (Because, y'know, nobody ever takes responsibility for their own actions any more.) These guys:

And these guys:

From left to right that's Mike Ferrio from Tandy, Matt Mays of Matt Mays and El Torpedo, and Arkansas's own Christopher Denny. They've played seven shows together over the last week, each one better than the last, and I've been to every one.

Bottom line? If the 02:59 record label didn't have such great musicians? I would be a lot more well-rested right now.

Full recap on all the concerts after tonight's Matt Mays solo show at the Mercury Lounge, and some well-earned rest on my part.

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Anonymous said...

You Go, Matthew!!!!!

Have fun tonight!

Love ya,