Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spineless Media Watch, or, Here We Go Again

Howard Kurtz in today's Washington Post announces the return of journalistic integrity, which is what always occurs when a "liberal" gets elected President:

If journalists don't start holding the 44th president accountable--in the same way the left wanted us to hold George W. Bush accountable--we will have defaulted on our mission. It will be bad for the country, and bad for Obama.

Just like it was bad for the country when nobody held W accountable? God no--that's totally different! [Insert sarcastic emoticon here.]

Journalism 101, folks -- cowardice is the way of the journalistic world. Because the Main Stream Media has a perceived left-wing bias, they always treat right-wing Presidents with kid gloves -- if they don't, they'd be perceived as biased and partial, and the MSM is never biased or partial in this country, no siree. [Insert incredibly sarcastic emoticon here.] Which is why they put on the boxing gloves when they get in the ring with anybody who's not a right-winger, because what better way to look impartial and unbiased than by beating up on somebody who shares your perceived values?

Bottom line? Because they had a perceived anti-Bush bias, the MSM coddled him. And because they have a perceived pro-Obama bias, they will rake him over the journalistic coals. All in the name of objectivity. [Insert incredibly disgusted emoticon here.]

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