Sunday, January 11, 2009


A Facebook friend informed a bunch of us of the upcoming Creature from the Black Lagoon Musical and challenged us "to come up with at least 4 lines of lyrics."

I got a little carried away:

I’ve never been a grouper --
I flounder on a date.
With love, I’m in a stupor --
I just can’t take the bait.

But when I saw you swimming
To my complete surprise
You threw my sole
Up on a shoal
And the scales dropped from my eyes .

Let’s fall in love for the halibut
And snuggle up in the swamp.
We’ll pas de deux
And pitch some woo
Where green-eyed alligators chomp.

Let’s fall in love for the halibut
And open clams with a wrench.
We’ll spend our days
Catching some rays
Down in the Marianas Trench.

So what if my friends call me kook?
I’ll fight against the world’s rebuke
And prove our love is not a fluke
Or full of ills --

My love’s so deep, it’s submarine.
Oh please be my aquatic queen!
Say no and you’ll just make me green
Around the gills.

Let’s fall in love for the halibut
And find a perch high above
The homo saps who think that I’m
Half-man half-fish and total slime
And want to give our piscatory passion the shove --

Rough seas may shake us
No pain will ache us
Each dawn will wake us
Making subaqueous love

copyright 2009 Matthew J Wells

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