Saturday, January 3, 2009

5 Ways To Start The New Year Right

1. Have lunch with a new friend-for-life. (Hey, Liz.)

2. See a movie that actually makes you feel sorry for Richard Nixon. (Frost/Nixon)

3. See a movie that makes our soon-to-be-ex-president look like a sorry little loser (W) and when it's over, say "Damn right!" when the brunette across the aisle cheers and yells "It's almost over!" and the guy sitting in front of you cries "Nineteen more days!"

4. Write a letter to your mother after she appeared to you in a dream on Christmas Eve.

5. Be totally embarrassed by something you did over Christmas. I'm scared of me too, Alyssa.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Pretty danged scary.

Pamela said...

on your dancing -- scary but so much energy!!
Better than a gym. I do it every day, in private at home. Keep up the pace man, they say it's one of the only things that keeps us going!