Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Ow. At a certain point in life, the little things start to add up, and the usual things start to fade away. Shaving cuts take five days to heal; sprains last for weeks; injuries leave you with a percentage of your former abilities instead of all of them. And then there are those mornings when you reach over your shoulder to soap your back. and your spine sproings for no good reason and you spend the next two days walking around like Quasimodo when you're not lying flat on the floor and snacking on painkillers. And you ask yourself, is it because I'm getting old? Is it because I don't exercise? Is it because I don't have a cute girl to soap my back for me? Or is God just saying, "Sorry--that party you wanted to go to? That movie you wanted to see? That scene you wanted to write? Forget it. Oh--and the Sox are going to lose a heartbreaker." Stupid God.

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Anonymous said...

Drink milk, not beer.
Be that as it may.
So on and so forth.

Guess Who?