Monday, October 6, 2008

The Blame Game

Blame Vietnam.

Blame these guys. From the Consulting Firm of Gosh Golly and Heck:

[link from Addenak via Wonkette]

Blame Goldman Sachs. So who was instrumental in getting the SEC to waive all those pesky debt limitation regulations in 2004? Hank Paulson, that's who.

Blame the Left-Wing Media. Everything you suspected about John MacCain in one place. Opening shot: "I got a better chance of getting laid." Makes you wish Hunter Thompson was still alive. But then what doesn't?

Blame the Markets. That 85 billion dollar emergency bridge loan that AIG got two weeks ago? They've already used $61 billion of it.

Blame Sarah. It's true; I checked it out on Snopes!

(thanks and a tip of the Wells cap and bells to brother Gary.)

Blame Canada. Just because.

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