Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Update

So Thursday the international theme in the corporate cafeteria is Spain, and they have paella. Shrimp, rice, sausage. I get about a pound of it. I eat every last grain of rice. I'm fine till about 5, when I start (shall we say )evacuating every 20 minutes. And belching every 90 seconds. This is troublesome because I'm going to the Bill T Jones show at BAM at 7:30. The train ride into Brooklyn is loud enough to cover the belching noises, but during the show I'm trying my best to burp contrapuntally to the music. An Imodium pill helps the nether regions, but not for long. Back home I'm lying on the couch for not five minutes before I'm dashing to the john, and chanting "Ralph's Buick" over and over again. This goes on for a while. I manage to pass out for maybe ten minutes total; get up and go to work at 6 (I know, I'm an idiot); leave work at 10, come home, and sleep for the next 22 hours, give or take a few waking moments of eating crackers and drinking ginger ale and, uh, burping some more. I miss the Matt Mays show at Pianos completely, but I do go to the Mike Ferrio/Malcolm Holcombe show at The Living Room on Saturday night, and drink ginger ale. Currently, my voice sounds like I haven't slept in a week, the bags under my eyes would cost me an extra 500 bucks if I checked them at the airport, and my appetite is vercacht. Time was when I used to shake this shit off in a couple of hours. Guess I'm not 40 anymore, huh?

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Anonymous said...

taken down by the mighty paella?
perchance it's the saffron that does not agree with you?
nothing else in there that could cause such agada. maybe beano?
sent holly gleason this link.
starting to get 40 hours at the arena while waiting for the winter quarter to take shape at my alma mater.
as groovy as gets,
love, gw