Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Update

The Long Goodbye. The 6:30 screening at BAM on Saturday, the one where Elliot Gould was going to show up for Q&A, was sold out in five minutes, so I passed on seeing the 3:30, and kicked myself at 4 PM when I saw that BAM had added a Q&A to that screening as well. As penance, I pulled out the DVD and watched it from 6 to 8. I hated this movie when it came out--hated the hell out of it. Now I love it and I think it's timeless. And the last 90 seconds are still a kick in the teeth.

What a bunch of retards. A group of people protesting the use of the word "retard" in the movie Tropic Thunder are calling for a nationwide boycott of the movie. In related news, the International Society of Johnsons are planning to burn copies of Blazing Saddles, claiming that all the Johnson jokes are hate speech. I used to think I would never live long enough to see Intelligence-Challenged Rights Groups ban the words "idiot" and "stupid." Now I think it'll probably happen by the end of this year.

And speaking of stupidity. Can we just say that so-called journalists are all idiots? From "investigating" the Edwards affair story by taking his initial denials at face value to swallowing China's assurances that, oh yes, we will not restrict speech or internet access at all during the Olympics, "reporters" have once again parroted lies and left it at that.

Comics and music, perfect together.

It weighs in at about 50 pounds, but it's gorgeous. If you like Tori Amos and/or state of the art graphic art, you really need to find a place where this hasn't sold out yet.

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