Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July, Ocean Bluff (Alyssa)


Anthony said...

I'm pleased to include you in the newest installment of Surfer's Paradise.

Love the photos, I must say, but your commentary is well done also. I went to play with the Simpsons avatar a bit. No idea, though, how "you" got into the bar. If you have a chance to stop by The Lives and Times... you can clue me in. :o)

I hope this link serves you well.

Horvendile said...

Thanks so much, Anthony.

I'll post this to your website as well, but here are instructions on how to get your Simpsons Avatar into Moe's Tavern:

Login by clicking on Create Your Simpsons Avatar.

Click on Login/register, and enter your login info.

Click Edit Character. When your avatar comes up, click on it and it will expand to full screen.

Once it’s full screen, go to the Tour Springfield button on the upper left hand corner and click on Moe’s Tavern.

Voila—you’re drinking with the guys.