Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Man's Land

When I was little I could barely see
For all the family surrounding me.
My parents and their parents arm in arm,
Uncles and aunts protecting me from harm— 

Making a special place for me to hide,
My brothers, friends, and sister at my side.
And when we marched, I moved where they directed.
No matter where we went, I felt protected. 

I took them all for granted, like you do
When those you love become a part of you.
So when the end began, I cannot say,
But one by one they slowly dropped away

Until one day I looked around to see
That there was no one else in front of me.
Great-grandparents, uncles and aunts, my mother,
Grandparents, father, friends, my youngest brother 

Had all, all fallen, all fallen away,
And left me there alone to face the day
With nothing up ahead but No Man’s Land
And no one at my side to hold my hand. 

And now, as darkness overwhelms the day,
Like all who followed, I must lead the way
Exposed and frightened, wishing I could flee—
But it is my responsibility 

To be a comfort and protect from harm
The ones who walk behind me, arm in arm—
And make a special place where they can hide
With brothers, friends and sisters at their side 

And let them see me marching strong and tall
And make them feel protected, till I fall;
And one by one they take my place and stand
Upon the endless verge of No Man’s Land.

Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells






1 comment:

Virginia said...

Beautiful gift to help others, Matthew. Reminds me of the path
of the Mahayana Buddhists …