Monday, November 17, 2014

Byron and Shelley and Buddhism

When Byron decided to become a Buddhist, he gave up all but five shirts, four pair of pants, three jackets, two pair of shoes, and one household appliance, a state of the art vacuum cleaner. 

One afternoon, when Shelley was visiting Byron’s Spartan accommodations, he noticed that while the floors of every room were immaculate, each and every corner was grimy with dust and grit. 

”I don’t Understand,” Shelley said. 

Byron, who was seated in the lotus position, replied in a low monotone: “Of course you don’t; it is the common lot of mankind.” 

“I’m not talking about Mankind, I’m talking about your Living Room,” Shelley cried.  “You obviously vacuum the Floors, but what I don’t Understand is, when you’re doing it, why don’t you vacuum the Corners as well?”

"Because," said Byron sadly, "I don't have any attachments."


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