Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lear's Daughters

Three Daughters Of King Lear by Gustav Pope

There were three sisters once upon a time:
   One sister was as brutal as a fact,
One sister spoke of law and dreamed of crime,
   And one had all the heart the others lacked.
There were three girls who served an angry fool:
   One kept the peace, one tried to be endearing,
One gave advice that hid her ridicule,
   And all three learned the trick of disappearing.
There were three daughters of a lonely queen:
   One was the softness that she had to hide,
One was the need that made her feel unclean,
   And one the hate that burned her up inside.
      Three princesses: one hard, one soft, one shrew;
      One warm, one cool, one sly—and all untrue.

Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells

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