Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Update

Ancient Rome. I gave my friend DJ a December 3 deadline for the second section of the Roman novel, so this weekend was spent walking up and down the Palatine Hill, examining a dead body in front of the Temple of Janus, and listening to Cassius make sarcastic comments under his breath while Brutus states the obvious. I have two chapters to go, one of which I have to write from scratch, so if you see me making notes on Thanksgiving, that's probably what I'm doing.

The other thing I'll be doing. Starting this weekend I began a notebook for a Christmas novel which will take place during this coming season, and under the Fair Game Rule, I am going to be setting some (if not all) of the scenes at events and places where I will be between now and New Year's. Don't worry, I'll fictionalize all of you, but I'll be creative about it. For instance, the Matthew avatar in this piece will be female and a lot more successful than I am. Which corrects at least one of life's little mistakes . . .

I am SF Old. My niece turned 21 on Saturday. She is now two chronological years older than I am in my head.

Ellis Paul at Joe's Pub. I'll post a review later, if my Crazy Monday allows me the time to transcribe notes and load them up; if not, it'll be tomorrow. Bottom line (boy do I miss that place): great show.

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Anonymous said...

You should get some great writing material hanging out with Alyssa for a few days over Xmas. HA! I can't wait for this!!!!

Hear ya loud and clear about Jenna turning 21!

And, Hooray, Ellis Paul made Matthew's blog!!!!!