Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Update

Welcome to One-Eyed Jacks, Hester. It's not like I ever watched it in re-runs, so how come I remember Twin Peaks so vividly?

Okay, these three on the left sure helped. (Is there any guy who wasn't in love with at least one of them?) (And did you know that Sherilyn Fenn was engaged to Johnny Depp for like five minutes back in the 90's? Is there anybody he wasn't engaged to, besides maybe Prince?)

It wasn't just the babes. Something about the show itself burrowed its way down into my brain like the cathode ray version of a wood tick.

Watching the first season this weekend (the pilot and the first seven episodes) was like visiting old friends. Every time an actor made an appearance a little voice in my head went "Hey--I know her!" or "Wow--he hasn't aged a bit!" (And no, it wasn't a little dwarf's voice.)

Every episode had at least one over-the-top moment where last week's mystery gets revealed (holy crap--Laura's necklace is in Doc Jacoby's coconut!) in a way that opens up even more questions (what the eff was he doing following James and Donna?), or what you'd been accepting as real and honest got turned totally upside down (Horne & Josie? Get. Out.). Which only makes the interspersed TV soap opera episodes of "Invitation to Love" (which I had totally forgotten) even goofier. (Especially since, like Sheryl Lee playing Laura and her cousin Maddie, Invitation also has an actress playing a double role.)

Watching that first season? Twin Peaks is the creepiest soap opera ever. By the time the mill's on fire and Cooper gets shot at the end of Season One, you don't know who to trust.

And as for who killed Laura Palmer -- in retrospect? So. Totally. Obvs.

Dance us out, Audrey:

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