Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Update

And then we got pizza, right? So I met up with Allyson (in town from LA) along with some Cedarites and Cedarettes--drank enough Guinness to drown Dublin--and took 600 pictures. Something I didn't discover until I tried to take a photo on the subway home and found out my multi-gig memory card was full. How the hell did I take 600 pictures? Oh wait--that's right--I was SMASHED.

Somewhere, Gore Vidal is dancing. Or if not dancing, smirking. And thinking of lines like, "Norman Mailer's body may have died of renal failure, but his body of work died of creative failure decades ago."

No Country For Old Men. How fitting that the weekend Norman Mailer dies, Tommy Lee Jones (who played Gary Gilmore in The Executioner's Song) opens in the film version of a book that Mailer probably would have killed his grandmother to write. Although if he had written it, it would have been 1200 pages long and ended with the words TO BE CONTINUED. (Look for a review on Monday.)

Hypocrisy, n. Foreign policy. When our enemies suspend elections, muzzle the press, and crack down on dissent, it's a crime against democracy. When our friends do it, it's democracy in action.

Bee Movie. C minus, actually.

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