Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

Make peace with changes that I can’t control.
   Don’t take old ways for granted; plant new seeds.
Don’t look for love or lust to make me whole.
   Water the flowers and pluck out the weeds.
The virtual wins when I think it’s real—
   Less phone/device time and more face-to-face.
Thinking is armor—strip it off and feel;
   And when it’s pain I feel, meet it with grace.
Don’t lecture so much—look, listen and learn.
   Lose without bitterness; love without fear.
Give without expectation of return.
   Laugh till the world laughs. Be the buccaneer.
      And when dark clouds fill my soul with foul weather,
      Remember that we’re all in this together.


Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells