Monday, January 25, 2016

It Goes Without Saying

                       for Chantey Colet

There are as many kinds of truths as there
   Are tongues to lie about them, and that means
Being objective equals being fair,
   And even science must have in-betweens.
And we, whose job is to report the truth,
   Must answer to a dozen different bosses,
Give equal time to fools and the uncouth,
   And live with how we cut our moral losses.
The truth’s not cold and hard, but how it’s treated.
   It echoes what we need to tell ourselves.
When it becomes offensive, it’s deleted,
   Like unsold games removed from toy store shelves,
      Till all that’s left is all that we can buy:
      The cut-rate bargain of the well-meant lie. 


Copyright 2016 by Matthew J Wells


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