Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Ones I Loved

The one I loved the least, I can’t make right with—
   The shame is just so heavy, I can’t breathe.
The one I loved the most, I didn’t fight with;
   She’s married to a man who makes her seethe.
The one who loved me most I loved far less—
   She gave her heart, and I gave her flirtation.
The one I thought I loved is such a mess—
   I use her even now for inspiration.
The one that I love now will never know it.
   I’ll never try to be more than her friend.
My heart aches for her, but I’ll never show it.
   My distance I will keep, and in the end
      She’ll be a great lost love, like all the rest—
      Adored by one who loved himself the best.


Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells

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