Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Southern Cross

I know the bigot by the skin he fears.
   I know the killer by the gun he shoots.
I know the tyrant by his mutineers.
   I know the soldier by what he salutes.
So fly whatever flag you want, you mugs.
   You think your cause is just?  Speak out!  Because
When folks are free to be their inner thugs,
   Then I will know them by their swastikas.
I want to hear that girls are breeding stock.
   Please tell me how to keep the white race purer.
Repeat the slurs you screamed at Little Rock.
   Feel free to “Sieg Heil!” to your favorite Führer.
      I need free speech to set the verbal bar—
      It’s how I find out who the assholes are.

Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells


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