Thursday, July 30, 2015


                            for Allyson Rapisarda


Balance is what perspective brings to motion—
   Without it, we would sway from side to side,
An easy prey to every passing notion
   Or stray desire that offers us a ride.
It says “No thanks!” when Triviality
   Cries out “Here—catch!” and tosses us a ball.
What tips its scales one way must always be
   Matched by the other, if we would stand tall.
Balance sees victory in each defeat
   And benefactors inside each tormentor—
And, at its best, will always try to meet
   This off-kilter world with a steady center—
      And build, out of the conflict in our hearts,
      A whole that’s calmer than its frantic parts.


Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells



Molly said...

Tis true. Must reinstate mine!


Thank you, Matt for an eloquent meditation on the concept of balance. I will work on balance all my life, it seems.