Monday, June 22, 2015

The Lonely Love Poems

My friend Jacque Ryal has a great single out (with a couple of terrific remixes), and I've been working on writing a sonnet and a remix about it for a while now—the big hold-up being the stoopid English language, which has a scarcity of pure rhymes for the word “love.”

You can get the single here, via iTunes and Amazon:

Lonely Love iTunes

Lonely Love Amazon

And you can read the sonnet and the remix here:

Lonely Love

for Jacque Ryal
You say that it’s a dream—it’s hard to breathe.
   Pretend that you’re the hand and I’m the glove.
I’ll hold you tight and let the passions seethe.
   Nothing can hurt me like a lonely love.
Remember how the longing used to strike?
   It fell on us like lightning from above.
Beneath the burn, we all know what it’s like
   To hit the dance floor with a lonely love.
My heart’s always half-open, like a nest;
   Your heart is like the eagle to my dove.
I need the touch of claws to feel caressed—
   Only great hearts can live with lonely love.
      Desire is what we’re all a victim of
      And no crime sweeter than a lonely love. 

Lonely Love The DJ MJ Remix
for Jacque Ryal
Time stops each time I see you
And starts each time we touch.
I want to harmony you;
I always want too much. 
It’s just a crime of passion
That I’m the victim of.
When dying is the fashion,
I’ll live with lonely love.
Time freezes when you hold me.
The moment never ends.
Eternities enfold me
And on my heart descends 
A joy that’s ever-living
Like all the stars above—
A universe of giving
Within this lonely love.
Time dies each time you leave me.
I watch you drive away.
How Love loves to deceive me.
How Faith loves to betray. 
How wanting keeps exposing
The crime I’m author of—
One-way desire, half-closing
The doors of lonely love. 
Half-open hearts are dying.
Mine is a broken dove
Who only dreams of flying
The wings of lonely love. 
Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells


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