Monday, June 29, 2015

Seven Ten Split

To women, there are just two kinds of men:
   Guys they talk to, and guys they talk about—
The ones their bodies crave like oxygen,
   The ones they can unwind with over stout.
Women keep something back from men they love
   Which they to men they do not love will tell.
One lives a life Love makes a heaven of;
   One hears the story of how it’s all Hell.
And one man can’t be both.  It is The Law.
   Which one are you?  It doesn’t take a quiz.
You hold her confidence, or hold her paw—
   That’s how a guy finds out which one he is.
      So if she doesn’t talk to you, don’t chafe—
      She’ll only talk to men she thinks are safe.

Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells


1 comment:

Emma Goldman-Sherman said...

So brilliant and so true! I wonder often why it is so hard to converse with my husband. Now I know.