Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Better Place

In memory of MZ Ribalow


There is no hope for anyone; we all
   Will bend the knee to this low world’s great king
Whose harsh but gentle voice will one day call
   Our lives out of the songs our bodies sing—
A song that has such supple harmony
   That when one voice is silenced, we can hear
The loss in every note—hear bitterly
   How all is doubtful that was once so clear
And how your death untuned the world forever.
   And we can mourn this emptiness, or pray
For understanding; we can vow to never
   Forgive the God who took you, or just say
      “You’re in a better place.”  But that’s not true.
      The only better place was here with you.


Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells


Leslie Carroll said...

Beautiful, Matthew. A lovely way to begin Meir's yahrzeit. I thank you through tears.

Horvendile said...

Thank you, Leslie. Sending you love on this hard day.