Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Badly-Written Play


for Hilary
who (thank God)
feels the same way

A badly-written play fills me with gloom—
   Watching one is like being introduced
To all the boring people in the room.
   I think: “Christ—how did this crap get produced?”
A badly-written play’s a gift from God.
   By hearing false words, I can know the true;
And if I stay awake while others nod,
   It shows me all the things I should not do.
A badly-written play should give me hope
   That my plays might get done someday; but no—
Each one I see makes me feel like a dope
   For aiming high instead of shooting low.
      I  cry: “This play has no integrity!”
      Then write so no one says that about me.


Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells

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