Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Friday in August Music: I'm not in it for the money, no

As summer winds down--no--wait--who am I kidding?--as summer careens to a hurricanish halt, and the last weekend of August, which seemed so far away in June, is actually starting right now in Australia, here's some fun music to listen to. I could just have easily called this post "Behold the power of cheese," because these three songs totally fit that description. Like good cheddar fits that description--in the best possible way.

Yes, it's The Raspberries. If you were anywhere near a radio in July of 1972, you would have heard the opening riff of "Go All The Way" about once every 20 minutes on AM Radio, which actually played music back then.

These songs sound like they were deliberately designed to make anyone in the world feel 18 again. Or in my case, 20.


Go All The Way

Let's Pretend

Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

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