Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jottings from the notebook

Whenever clouds fight, it ends in a marriage.

The mailbox's idea of travel is to swallow a letter with a foreign address.

"The truly new always looks truly wrong." *
 -- Alice Fulton

Each love obeys its own unbending law of pain.

As far as Reality is concerned, English is a second language.

"As a writer he has mastered everything except language; as a novelist he can do everything, except tell a story; as an artist he is everything, except articulate."
--Oscar Wilde on George Meredith

A fact is a lie supported by evidence.

Swimming pools wish they could close their eyes when it rains.

Love is like a cruise ship.  You leave the dock to cheers and confetti, and when you finally sail far enough away to lose all sight of land, you discover there's nobody else on the boat but you.  You're the captain and the crew, the engineer and the deck hand, the navigator and the cook.  You have to do all the work to make the cruise a success.  And if you don't watch out, you'll totally forget that you're also the passengers.

We all speak a language that will be dead someday.

Potential Country Music song title: "I'd Love To Be In Virginia, But  She Has A Husband Now."

When it comes to love, it's not the word that scares me--it's the echo.

"I'm just a red nigger who love the sea.
I have a sound colonial education.
I have Dutch, nigger, English in me
And either I'm nobody or I'm a nation."
-- Derek Walcott

I'm at that age when the barber doesn't charge me for cutting my hair--he charges me for trying to find it.

Death hibernates inside us till
the winter of our lives becomes
the spring of its awakening.

Poetry: a lightning bolt you build electron by electron.

Writing a play is like open heart surgery.  Writing a successful play is like open heart surgery where the patient lives.

The phone book is a novel about people who want to communicate.

He killed her the slow way--he married her.

"If you want a happy ending, read a cookbook."
-- Dean Young

We were put on this earth to surprise God.

*Corrected quote in the comment below.  Thanks, Shawn.
Copyright 2011 Matthew J Wells


shawn said...

The correct quote by Alice Fulton is:

"The truly new looks truly wrong at first."

from "A Foreplay" in Sensual Math.

Horvendile said...

Thanks for the correction.