Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update Part 2

Things my niece Alyssa said to me while I was on vacation:

"You're fat."
"You're old."
"Your feet are ugly."
"Are you going to eat that whole sandwich?"
"Your fingers are like sausages."
"But listen! Listen! You're not listening!"
"Is the water warm?"
"This isn't warm--this is COLD!"
"You write a lot."
"You write funny."
"You read a lot."
"What are you reading THAT for?"
"This is stupid."
"The grille is on fire! The grille is on fire!"
"One minute--honest! Just one more minute!"
"Will you take a walk with me?"
"Why do I have to walk with you?"
"You still read COMIC BOOKS?!?"
"Stop taking pictures!"
"If you put a picture of me on YouTube, can I sue you?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seeing as you left yesterday, the comments shifted to me ....

Regarding the slip-n-slide .... "hey mom, you can't you use this, you have to weigh under 100 pounds."

5 minutes later .... "hey mom, you know you can't go on this."

10 minutes later .... "mom, don't use the slip and slide, you weigh too much."

You sure you don't want to move in with us??? HA!