Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have no life but my friends do

I know, I know--you're going to say I'm wrong, I'm always doing things, and that's true, I am; but there's a difference between doing and DOING, just like there's a difference between movement and motion. Most of my life is motion and like the iceberg I am, seven-eighths of it goes on in my head; but I do know some people whose lives are seven-eights out there and really moving somewhere. Like, for instance --

-- my friend Allyson, who's done a national Duracell commercial:

(Moving to LA? Best thing she ever did.)

-- and my friend Felicity, who worked on a documentary about forest burning in Indonesia and its effect on the climate and the local animal population. She also did a Tony Stark and built the entire website in a cave out of scraps. Click on the picture below, and catch the movie when it plays a local film festival (and it will).

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